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Suvan Beaded Bracelet

Suvan Beaded Bracelet

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This classic Suvan Beaded Bracelet is the perfect accessory for any look. Crafted from polished gemstones, it adds the perfect subtle glimmer to any style. Layer it up for a statement finish or wear it on its own for a distinctive, understated look.


  • Genuine polished pyrite gemstones, USA
  • Fits wrist sizes 7’’ to 9’’
  • Stretchy; slip-on style
  • Handmade in the Bronx, NY
  • Comes in drawstring pouch made from handmade recycled Saris

Gemstone Properties

  • Pyrite - Stone of abundance; stone of manifestation; encouraging one to believe in themselves; boosts self-confidence; makes one optimistic, hopeful and confident; helps one stop mind chatter and negative self-talk; nurtures fresh ideas and enhances one’s confidence to speak their mind; improves creative thoughts, discussions and answers; helps one improve memory, retention, communication skills and aptitude (All Crystal)

    • Use a soft cloth to gently wipe clean. Store in drawstring pouch. 
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