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Rilvo Beaded Bracelet

Rilvo Beaded Bracelet

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This Rilvo Beaded Bracelet is an exquisite piece of jewelry, expertly crafted with beauty in mind. Its intricate design includes complimentary gemstones, creating a stunning appearance. Perfect for adding a chic touch to any outfit.


  • Genuine faceted serpentine beads, USA
  • Natural un-dyed two-sided abalone square beads, South Africa
  • Genuine faceted smoked quartz beads, Madagascar
  • Genuine cubed hematite beads, USA 
  • Fits wrist sizes 6.5’’ to 8’’
  • Stretchy; slip-on style
  • Handmade in the Bronx, NY
  • Comes in jewelry pouch made from handmade recycled Saris

Gemstone Properties

  • Serpentine - Helps one overcome overthinking and negative thoughts; able to see light and positivity in trying situations; protects from stress-related issues; allows broad-mindedness, acceptance, empathy, and wisdom; good fortune, success and abundance in one’s life (All Crystal)
  • Smoked Quartz - A grounding stone known for its ability to help one move on from difficult or painful experiences; guides one to a higher state of being; assists with letting go of the past; well-suited to removing negative energy and/ or unwanted energy; supportive quality; great energy stabilizer (Energy Muse)
  • Abalone Seashell - Enhances sense of harmony; ability to calm emotions and promote inner serenity; inspires imagination and artistic express; allows one to shine brightly and be themselves; assists with overcoming challenges and taps into one’s warrior spirit; empowers ones inner fire and ambition (All Crystal)

  • Hematite - A strong sense of energetic stability; works to align, clear and balance; guides one to stand their ground in the face of stressful or intense situations; allows one to achieve a state of being by connecting one with their inner strength and power; helps you build a strong foundation so you can move through turbulent times with more grace and ease; clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry (Energy Muse)

  • Use a soft cloth to gently wipe clean. Store in jewelry pouch. 
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