A New Day, A New Dawn NYC ( AND AND NYC)

  • $125.00


  • fair-trade 100% authentic Ankara metallic print, Senegal
  • fair-trade freeform natural raw quartz geodes, Botswana
  • faceted genuine rainforest rhyolite, Australia
  • 14-karat gold chain
  • 100% silk cord
  • bronze findings 
  • available adorned and unadorned
  • pair with the Jevera earrings
  • adjusts to fit all neck sizes


  • quartz geode: stone of power; shield against emotional and environmental stress; grounding and cleansing; absorbs and transmutes negative energy (Crystal Vault)
  • rainforest rhyolite: assists in laying down burdens which no longer act to serve in one’s life; helps with self-esteem and emotional strength; eliminates procrastination and distractions; helps with the creative process (Healing Crystals)