A New Day, A New Dawn NYC ( AND AND NYC)

  • $79.99
  • Save $20.01

  • fair-trade freeform natural raw smoky quartz geode slabs, Botswana 
  • cruelty-free batik bone etched stained beads, India
  • fair-trade polished prayer beads, Indonesia
  • genuine tourmaline beads, Namibia
  • pair with the Orzora earrings
  • *** please note: no two quartz slabs are the same on any bracelet***


  • quartz geode -  stone of power; shield against emotional & environmental stress; grounding & cleansing; absorbs and transmutes negative energy  (Crystal Vaults)
  • tourmaline - repels negative energy and psychic attacks; balances, harmonizes and protects; aid to remove fear and boost self-confidence; grounds flighty or scattered energies (Healing Crystals)