Consumer Feedback

"I love understated quality jewelry with a hint of personality. Every pair of studs I own from And And NYC has fulfilled all my needs! Love this brand!" - Angela Hadl

"I’ll never forget my first purchase at A New Day, A New Dawn NYC at Harlem Week in 2016 - an Amazonian fish scale earring. I was so enthralled by the earring as it matched the vintage/vintage-feel and uniqueness of jewelry that I like. It’s now become a custom to visit Andrea at Harlem Week and her pop-ups. I make sure I purchase something new from her every trip around the sun. Andrea is personable and has practically become family. I value her opinions regarding pieces that will work best on me. Her pieces are captivating, playful, colorful, and bold. From the earrings, chokers and bracelets I own from her various collections to the custom-made pieces, Andrea’s jewelry is versatile, inviting and just amazing. Choose the piece that calls you, you won’t regret it." - Renee Browne

"Amazingly gorgeous bracelets for men and women. And the customer service is exceptional from wonderful people" - Wayne Neckles